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Christian Gaetano

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It'll Be Like You Were Never Even Here...

With every company under the sun offering its own tracking platform and gating content with “What's your favorite color?” questions at every opportunity, I don't blame internet users for being concerned about privacy. Since this is a place to simply kick back, relax, and enjoy what the web has to offer, I work hard to make sure your privacy is respected.

While I do use Google Analytics for collecting some basic visitor info, I don't take in any data that can uniquely identify you, and you can easily opt out if you want! On the other hand, if you do want to tell me your favorite color, the name of your dog (yes please), or just how you're feeling today, just shoot me an email!

Analytics for “Do Not Track” Users

If you've already enabled “Do Not Track” mode in your web browser, you're covered! Err…not covered. The point is, I'm not collecting any analytics data on you. You're a speck of dust in the wind, a ghost, an enigma…

Opting Out of Tracking

Even if you're not enough of a privacy guru to disable tracking everywhere, you can still opt out of analytics tracking on my site only. It's okay…I get it, I can be a little abrasive at times. No hard feelings, though! All you have to do is click the button below, and you'll be opted out faster than you can say tinfoilHat.activate().

Opt Out of Analytics Tracking